17 02 2011
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Recent articles are saying that multi-skilled people are in demand for their wide range of experience.  It’s starting to work to companies’ advantage to hire people with a broad skill-set because they have an ability to see things from several perspectives, with a wide range of ideas, creative problem-solving and people skills.

While considering this, an image popped into my head… A “multi-tool” contains multiple tools that fold into one casing.  You have so much of what you need in one place. Then it dawned on me: I can use my varied skills, ideas, connections, design sense and ingenuity to help people with the multiple parts of their lives and businesses.  The more I know about those parts, the better I can see what they need and fulfill on it in a way that compliments the other parts of their lives – or help them find the right resource for the task.  

How I’m a Resource for You:

* Reiki and Life-Coaching
* Project Management, Leading Teams, Organizing and Completing Projects
* Connections To Experts and Professionals You’re Looking For
* Design Consulting for Events, Products, Fashion, Interiors, Marketing, Art
* Ideas and Solutions