17 02 2011
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Recent articles are saying that multi-skilled people are in demand for their wide range of experience.  It’s starting to work to companies’ advantage to hire people with a broad skill-set because they have an ability to see things from several perspectives, with a wide range of ideas, creative problem-solving and people skills.

While considering this, an image popped into my head… A “multi-tool” contains multiple tools that fold into one casing.  You have so much of what you need in one place. Then it dawned on me: I can use my varied skills, ideas, connections, design sense and ingenuity to help people with the multiple parts of their lives and businesses.  The more I know about those parts, the better I can see what they need and fulfill on it in a way that compliments the other parts of their lives – or help them find the right resource for the task.  

How I’m a Resource for You:

* Reiki and Life-Coaching
* Project Management, Leading Teams, Organizing and Completing Projects
* Connections To Experts and Professionals You’re Looking For
* Design Consulting for Events, Products, Fashion, Interiors, Marketing, Art
* Ideas and Solutions





2 responses

20 05 2009
Richard Heinberg


I’ve been using the term “Museletter” for my personal musings since 1992. Since you don’t appear to be using this, do you mind deleting or transferring this wordpress address to me?

thank you,


6 02 2018

Hi Richard, here we are many years later and I was (finally) ready to let my blog on WordPress go. I don’t know how to transfer it to you, but if you get this message, please email me ASAP at and I’m happy to do whatever I can to make sure you get it. 🙂 I suppose if I don’t hear from you within a week or so, I’ll just delete it and you could check to see if it’s available.

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