In 2011, I worked with 7-time Emmy winner Eric Drysdale (formerly of The Daily Show and currently at The Colbert Report) to provide visibility in the L.A. area for his very funny and clever personal project “The Man With F.E.E.E.T.”.  Each audience member received a View-Master viewer and special 3D photo reels that were costumed, staged and photographed by Drysdale and his team.  The audience followed the story using the viewers as his actors performed the script with live action music, a comedy sketch and trombone quartet that played strictly Sedaka tunes.

Jack Strider is the ordinary man called to extraordinary action when he becomes steward to the most powerful pair of loafers in the world — known as ‘F.E.E.E.T.’ (Footwear-based Electronically Engineered Emulation Technology.)  Narrated by Ron Lynch, with Matt Walsh, Adam Felber, Eddie Pepitone, Amber Nelson and Andree Vermeulen.

You can purchase your very own Man With F.E.E.E.T. View-Master and 3D reel set here:


Eric Drysdale (left) with longtime friend, Irwin Miller.




I’ve supported Opportunity Green from day one and am proud to have been the Creative Director in 2010.  The theme that year was “inter” and the angle we focused on as a Design Team was “interconnected”.  Considering the thought leaders and change agents that attend OG, my intention was to remove people from their day to day routines and put them in a state of mind of pure possibility.  If a work of art or a networking lounge provides an out of the box experience, their mind opens up to new people they can meet, possibilities for their business and therefore the planet.  If the conference were mundane or predictable, so would be their mindset.

I worked closely with a team from Gensler led by Principal Irwin Miller with designers Edgardo Caceres, Irina Sai and Audrey Handelman and brought on interior designer Rachel Winokur as my Project Manager.  They were great fun to work with – it was one of the smoothest, most effective and creative partnerships I’ve ever experienced.  We refined ideas, sorted through resources, confirmed details and produced a moving, inspiring environment.


Mr. Miller designed the Tree Installation.  Fifty By Us built it with help from HWI Construction, iOS Light, American Reclaimed Product Supply and Bentley Prince Street Carpet.

The Birds of a Feather Lounge, decorated by Fifty By Us and volunteers, including Room & Board furnishings and LUXE Grass recycled plastic grass.

LUXE Grass, American Reclaimed Product Supply stools and Pop Chips bean bags at the Lunch Lounge.

LUXE Grass, Kimball Office/Interstuhl’s “Fit” Chair and Root Pouch living walls.

Room & Board’s networking lounge.

Networking lounges resembling mini film sets provided a cozy alternative to typical conference seating and a great way to experience the eco-friendly furnishings.  The corner lounge and floating lights are by Environment.  Carpet by Bentley Prince Street and lanterns by various top designers for Botanist.

One of Coalesse’s networking lounges with furniture by Paola Navone and Jean-Marie Massaud.  Fabric by Maharam and lanterns by Botanist.

One of Knoll’s networking lounges.

Opportunity Green co-founder Mike Flynn enjoys stunning 3D photos by Stuart Sperling.

Maurice Connolly’s sculpture made from wine barrel rings.

The artists from Contrail “drew” a path with bikes and liquified chalk to connect the various areas of the conference.

Atelier Alex Andre’s interactive sculpture “Metamorphosis” engaged conference goers by making them “become one” with each other.

The conference program matched the tree installation.  Designed by Greenteam and printed by Color West.

Chandelier by Atelier Alex Andre.

Led by artist Anne Marie D’Agostino, middle school students collaborated with Surfrider Foundation to build a sculpture with used plastic bottles.




In August 2009, my friend’s mother, Margarida was badly hurt when a drunk driver ran her off the highway and the main injuries were her head and hands.  She happens to be a healer and can’t work without the use of her hands.  I gathered a team and produced a fundraiser that included singers, musicians, a comedian, an emcee (Michael Medico) and a silent auction with everything from massages and an auto eco-detail service to captivating artwork.  It was held at the famous Center Staging in Burbank.  Between the donations that came in online and at the event, we raised over $7,000.00 for Margarida to pay bills and remain financially supported while she healed. (photos by Anita Marto)

Comedian Ernie G

Singer Ariana Hall




I helped C4’s owner select a website template that worked well for his business, then worked to fulfill on the imagery, content and other details.  This included logo design based on his concept, page and font colors, writing the copy, taking the photographs, preparing images and thumbnails and submitting all of it to the person he hired to implement it in the template.  I also designed his email image and business cards.  Click here to visit C4’s website.



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