If you walk away inspired to take action to preserve the planet in new ways, this page will have been worth every hour I’ve spent on it.

While the phrase “green” may seem trendy, keep in mind that until we reach a tipping point where companies, products and people are predominantly eco-friendly, we need a way to differentiate between things that are or aren’t environmentally sustainable.

The good news:  We’re well on our way.



Before taking action, it helps to know what’s actually happening to the planet AND we want to be entertained.  If you haven’t already seen these films, I dare you to pick and watch one ASAP.

This film is profound, visually stunning, narrated by Glenn Close and brought to us by folks like the Gucci Group.


FUEL was a winner and huge hit at Sundance, took 11 years to produce and uses savvy graphics and editing to keep you on the edge of your seat.


An Inconvenient Truth, presented by Al Gore, won an Oscar.  This one is great for people who prefer numbers and statistics – more of a PowerPoint approach.





My results from Center for Sustainable Economy quiz


3 Earths?  Although my score is less than 50% of the average American’s (264.4) apparently there’s plenty of room for improvement.

filler line

My results from the  quiz

That’s still a lot of carbon.  This website walks you through a list of pledges you can make to lower your score over time.








What I’m doing about it: served as Creative Director for Opportunity Green,  use reusable shopping bags, reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose and choose organic or eco-friendly options whenever possible.  Here are some brands I use regularly and highly recommend.——————————————-

Eco Logos




Here are the results from a poll I did on LinkedIn asking:

“Would you prefer to buy a product from an eco-friendly business vs. non?”

LinkedIn Poll, Fall 2008

With opinions like this, it could be detrimental for your business NOT go green.  Here are some helpful links and ways to reduce your impact on the planet.


Grist has been dishing out environmental news and commentary with a wry twist since 1999 with articles, ideas, facts and practices connecting big issues like climate change to daily life.


A one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information.  Learn how to maintain or improve your quality of life while reducing your harmful impact on the earth.


They can help your company grow using their marketing and digital media expertise.


Terrapass can help you offset your business’ travel and office emissions.



Reduce business travel (cross-town or anywhere) by using this web conferencing tool.




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